‘Mass’ is a short film showing the world an insight into Kheperism, a fictitious and newly rediscovered religious group. The project was my final film created in my university career, spreading into a new media I have never concentrated on: live action. The password for this animation is: 'Homebase'. The film has been showcased at UCA Canterbury for the graduation show, alongside a religious stand to promote the film.
To create the film, I used various techniques I have learnt over the years of studying:

- Hand-drawn animation
- Tracking in After Effects
- Blurring of Faces
- Sound Effects
- VHS styling
- Green Screening
and more...

The film required a lot of planning, consisting of multiple tests, animatics and more. Everything created was based on feedback and research.
For more on how I developed the film, I have provided a link to two of my blog posts, going more in depth on the processes of Mass.
Softwares Used:
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe Audition
- Procreate (iPad application)
Skills Acquired:
- Advanced After Effects knowledge
- Cinematography
- Photoshop Animation
- Overlaying footage
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